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Grant County Pre-K Coordinator:

 Director, Student Services, Deborah Mohr

(304) 257-1011 X20

Secretary:  Mary Ann Barger

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PreK Information

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Yearly reporting dates: October 1 – 30, 2012
February 1-28, 2013
May 1-31, 2013


Our Classrooms

Union Educational Complex

Principal:  Francis LaBounty

Grant County Schools Teacher: Tina Knitowski

Head Start Teacher: Rebecca Martin

(304) 693-7500

 Maysville Elementary School                                                                                                                 

Principal: Mark Nicol

Teacher: Amanda Thorne Dye

Aide:       Tammy Barger

(304) 749-7441

 Teddy Bear Pre-K 

Director:  Deb and Roy Hendrickson

Principal: Mitch Webster

Teacher:  Casey Earle

Aide: Brittany Barb

(304) 257-5575

Cochran Center/Head Start

Supervisor:  Lois Warner

Principal: Mitch Webster

Grant County Schools Teacher:  Michelle Whiteman

Head Start Teacher:  Elizabeth Day

(304) 257-2846

 The Little Place Daycare/Pre-K

Director:  Brenda Lyons

Principal: Mitch Webster

Teacher:  Connie Turner

Aide:  Lisa Hawk

(304) 257-1915

 Petersburg Elementary School

Principal:  Mitch Webster

Teacher:  Dr. Beth Brown

Aide: Donna Shoemaker

(304) 257-1110


Frequently Asked Questions

Is my child eligible to enroll in Pre-K?

How do I enroll my child for Pre-K? 

A universal application including income verification is completed by all families interested in having their child enrolled into any pre-k classroom.  During the spring of each year, a mass pre-registration is scheduled and the families are invited to register at that time.  Also,  applications will be taken throughout the year on age eligible children .  The pre-registration process includes advertisements in the local newspaper with the individual dates identified for families to come to a central location (a separate Union registration will be offered to accommodate the distance a family may need to travel to access the general pre-k registration) to complete applications and gain further information about the pre-k programs/options available and enrollment into the program.  At the end of the mass pre-registration, the collaborative partners will meet to review the applications and will use a selection criterion which applies a point value to various questions on the application. 

The selections criteria will be developed by the collaborative team taking into account various child and family issues.  It will also give an extra point for those that participate in the pre-registration process.  Once the selection process is completed, placement into the pre-k classrooms will be conducted by the collaborative team taking into account the geographical location of the student and other needs of the student and family.  Families will receive letters from the team if they are on a waiting list or their application is incomplete.

Teachers will contact the families of children who are placed in their classrooms at the beginning of the school year. 

Documentation needed prior to processing the application is as follows:  1) Legal State Issued Birth Certificate, 2) up to date immunization records, 3) proof of diagnosed disability, 4) verification of income, 5) social security card and 6) current physical (within one year of first date child will be entering pre-k).

Is there an attendance procedure in place?

By enrolling your child Pre-k, your child becomes a part of a preschool classroom and a friend to each of the other children in that room.  Each school day is a lifetime opportunity to learn and be a part of the class.  When your child is absent, not only do they miss out on the day’s activities, but lose time when they can interact and learn with their classmates, their teacher and the other children and adults in the school.

Your child is important to our program and is a part of our class.  Due to limits on class size, as our classes fill up we are sometimes forced to have a waiting list of children wanting to enjoy our program.  In order to best serve each child, the following procedure must be observed.    

When a child misses four (4) consecutive, unexcused days, a phone call will be  made by staff to emphasize the benefits of regular attendance and remind the parent of the importance of regular attendance by their child. When a child has ten (10) unexcused absences within a thirty (30) day period, it shall be considered chronic absenteeism.  As per performance standards, “where chronic absenteeism persists and it does not seem feasible to include the child in either the same or a different program option, the child’s slot must be considered an enrollment vacancy.”  This means that should your child be considered to be a Chronic Absent student, your child would be dropped from our program and another child would be given the opportunity to be a part of our preschool classroom.

Please note that being tardy 5 times is equivalent to 1 absence.

Grant County Pre-k is dedicated to providing appropriate family support in cases of absenteeism and will adhere to the Grant County Schools attendance policy.



The following absences shall be EXCUSED:

1.        The center is being temporarily closed due to weather or other unforeseen circumstances.  Parents/guardians will be notified by phone when feasible.

2.        The child is ill, hospitalized or receiving medical treatment or therapy.  Upon return, a medical excuse must be submitted.  A parent may submit a note for a total of 5 days per semester when a child is ill.

3.        A family member is seriously ill, hospitalized, or receiving medical treatment or therapy.

4.        A death in the child’s immediate family.

5.        Court ordered visitation.

If you do not notify the pre k classroom of your child’s absence, a staff member will contact you to check the status of your child.



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