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The Grant County Board of Education is an equal opportunity employer. Applicants for employment are considered solely on the basis of individual qualification and merit without regard to gender, race, color, religion, disability or national origin




Board Office Directory




Phone Number

Dr. DeEdra Bolton


304-257-1011 ext. 15

Troy Ravenscroft

Assistant Superintendent

304-257-1011 ext. 24

Alice Ann Guyon

Director of Elementary Education

304-257-1011 ext. 17

Deborah Mohr

Director of Student Services

304-257-1011 ext. 20

Tony Oates

Treasurer/ Chief School Business Official

304-257-1011 ext. 10

Brent Nelson

Director of Facilities and Maintenance

304-257-1011 ext. 18

Shelly C. Crites

Director of Attendance and Social Services

304-257-1011 ext. 26 

Tamera Gossard

Director of Food Service

304-257-1011 ext. 19

Lyle Berg 

Supervisor of Transportation


Melissa Doman
Student Services IEP/Medicaid Billing Coordinator  
304 257-1011 ext. 25

Kathy Verzich

School Health Nurse

304 257-1110 ext. 28 or PHS 304-257-1444

 Ellen Kirby
Student Services/High Acuity Health Needs Nurse
304-749-7441 MES 304-693-7317 UEC

Sandy Hedrick

Administrative Assistant to the Superintendent

304-257-1011 ext. 15

Tammie Hope

Coordinator Payroll

304-257-1011 ext. 11

Brenda Ketterman

Coordinator Accounts Payable/Receivable

307-257-1011 ext. 12

Mary Ann Barger
Secretary / Receptionist
304-257-1011 ext. 21

Lori Western


304-257-1011 ext. 22


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